Just got home from the Ft. Lewis event.

Just got home from the Ft. Lewis event. I had a wonderful time. I met several people who gave me several ideas for possible story lines to go into one of the prequel murder mysteries. If you were one of the ones who gave me an idea I can’t promise you it’ll make into the first mystery but I’ll work it into the plot of one of them.

Even more than selling 20% more books than I projected was the reader who came up and didn’t even want to listen to me give him a summary of the books. He said: “A friend of mine loves your book. I’m going to buy both books and read the sequel before I give it to him. Boy will he be jealous.” It tell you, that conversation alone made the trip worthwhile, even if I hadn’t sold a single book the two days I was at Ft. Lewis.

As far as the first murder mystery goes, I haven’t finished another chapter. But I have gone back and filled in some details. In doing that I’ve added almost 2,000 words to the manuscript. I hope to finish chapter 7 by the end of next week.

Keep checking my website for updates.

Thanks for the interest, and to all those people I met at Ft. Lewis, thank you for the warm welcome.


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