It’s been a very productive week or so.

It’s been a very productive week or so. I’ve been plotting out chapter 7. I was going to start fleshing it out this past week, but when my Tuesday night critique group suggested some interesting angles that I really want to add to chapter 6. So this week I’ll be focusing on that.

I have two book signings left for this year. The first one is 28-29 Nov (black Friday and the Saturday after) at the Ft. Lewis Main Exchange. Then from 15-19 December I’ll be at the McChord AFB Main Exchange.

Both events are going to be conducted with an author who has fiction and non-fiction books from a more “northern” point of view. We’re billing it as a “Blue vs Grey” event. Nick Adams has written a fiction book called “The Uncivil War” and he’s edited an ancestor’s letters in a non-fiction work called “My Dear Wife and Children.”

Check for the hours we’ll be there.

Thanks for your support.

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