During the past ten months I’ve had many

During the past ten months I’ve had many readers ask if “Comes The Southern Revolution” was available as an audio book. Up until now I’ve had to say, “I’m working on it.” Yesterday, I signed the contract to make “Comes The Southern Revolution” into an audio book. Right now, it looks like I’ll have it ready by the end of April, definitely by my book signing at Lestat’s on Park (Friday and Saturday, 3 and 4 May).

As we get closer to the middle of April we’ll announce the pre-release of the audio version of CSR. Keep checking my website for the details.

The other day, I found a contact that might help me get the audio CSR on ITunes and Amazon, more to follow as that develops.

Then today I was able to get a great deal on a flight to Raleigh/Durham. That enabled me to confirm the speaking engagement in South Boston, Virginia; and the book signing at the Ft. Bragg Exchange.

Thanks for your interest.


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