In the past week I’ve made a major decis

In the past week I’ve made a major decision. After listening to my critique group’s suggestions, I’ve revisited a few chapters that could use some additional research and back-story.

I’ve started reviewing each chapter and making the necessary changes. It’s may or may not change my time-table. I’ll let you know as I make the changes.

On Thursday I met with AAFES about the High Desert Chapter, California Writer’s Club Book Fair. Everything’s on schedule. We expect thirteen authors to bring over thirty titles.

My friend Christie told me that a small unit is training at Ft. Irwin the end of May. Check the Scheduled Event tab on my website for the details.

The actor I hired to produce CSR as an audio book sent me the first few chapters. It’s coming along nicely. We’re considering the options, and planning on releasing the audio version of CSR in late April or early May. We haven’t decided on pricing yet. Keep checking my website for details.

Thanks for your interest.

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