Had a very successful event at Leplatt’s

Had a very successful event at Leplatt’s Coffee House (on Adams) in San Diego. I spent two days and enjoyed talking to many readers. It was so successful, I’m talking to the Manager about doing another event at Leplatt’s Coffee House (on Park). I’ll keep you posted as plans are finalized.

On Saturday, 18 March I gave a speech to the Father A.J. Ryan Camp # 302, Sons of Confederate Veterans. My sister Donna came along and there were eighteen SCV members and guests present. I was able to talk about how I started writing, what inspired Comes The Southern Revolution, and errors that I’ve found in the “Northern” education I received in school and college. I even mentioned that I haven’t taken sides in the original conflict. What I have found is that President Lincoln wasn’t as eager to free the slaves as I once thought.

Another SCV Camp has invited me to speak. I’ll be speaking at the John M. Jordan, Camp # 581, on Monday, 27 May 2013. The meeting will be at the Spare Times Grill 2030 Bill Tuck Hwy, South Boston, Va 24592; Dinner @ 6:00 pm; Program @ 7:00 pm.

As far as the sequel goes, I’ve decided to put off publishing Comes The Retribution until later in the Fall. Last Thursday afternoon I reviewed the work I’ve made on CTR, and decided that some of the earlier chapters need more depth. I’m revisiting those chapters and will be back on track soon. It’s funny, but at Critique Group on Thursday night one of the members suggested the same thing. I was going to revisit those chapters anyway. When I was given the advice, it seemed that it was the best thing to do.

On another note, I’ve made progress on getting CSR into an audio book. Right now I’m shooting for releasing it the end of April. I was going to wait for the next High Desert Chapter, California Writer’s Club meeting before I worked on the audio project. Bonnie and I decided that I can’t wait, if I’m going to have the audio version before my trip to Virginia and North Carolina.

Thanks for your interest.


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