Just finished a great weekend at Calico

Just finished a great weekend at Calico Ghost Town’s Annual Civil War Reenactment. It was impressive to watch the re-enactors in their uniforms fighting a battle. I was able to talk to President Lincoln and General Grant. They didn’t have a General Lee this year. That would’ve been a great picture to get the four of us in a picture.

Overall, I met a lot of nice people, sold many books. Not as many as Ft. Irwin, but it was a different type of reader who attended the event.

Book signings at Ft. Irwin have been curtailed since the Pentagon has cut back on the number of rotations this year. At this time I have two events scheduled at the Ft. Irwin in the near future. The first is in the Dust Bowl Shoppette Monday-Thursday, 4-7 March 2013 -1000-2000); and the second is at the Main Exchange. For that event AAFES and the High Desert Chapter, California Writer’s Club is sponsoring a Book Fair. At this time we have twelve authors and over twenty titles that will be offered for sale.

This past week I had a little set back this past week on the latest chapter. After I submit pages to my Critique Group, I evaluate if I think it’s good enough to keep. I decided to re-work several pages and re-submit it on 21 Feb.

Now that I’ve had cancellations for the Ft. Irwin Dust Bowl events, I’m hoping to contact Sons of Confederate Veteran Camps in Southern California. I’d like to speak at their meetings. If I can work it out, I’ll do a local book signing someplace nearby. Check my website, jameselstad.com, often for updates on the progress I’m making on both book signings and the sequel.

Regarding the audio version of CSR, I received a demo tape from an actor who wants to record the entire novel for me. Next week I hope to produce a demo tape of my own. Bonnie and I will compare the actor’s and my version. We can see advantages to using the actor and to my doing it myself.

I’m hoping to have it out no later than the end of April this year.

Thanks again for your interest.


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