I’ve had to cancel several events for Ma

I’ve had to cancel several events for March, April, and probably into May. Due to the budget cuts in Washington, they’ve cancelled several rotations. The Dust Bowl Shoppette will be closed until training starts up again.

I will be participating in a Book Fair at the Ft. Irwin, Main Exchange on 15-18 April 2013. At this time we have 14 authors from the High Desert Chapter, California Writer’s Club who will have 36 titles for sale.

Just cut this week’s Dust Bowl Event short. There wasn’t enough traffic to make it worthwhile. Today it would be an hour between someone stopping to talk.

I really enjoyed discussing the plot for CSR with several readers. Particularly the soldier who came in and said: “I read my friend’s copy; I have to have my own.”

This evening I confirmed a speaking engagement at the Father A.J. Ryan Camp # 302, San Diego Chapter, Sons of Confederate Veterans on Saturday, 16 March 2013. I don’t have the time of the event, or the address of the restaurant where the event will be held yet. I’ll post it as soon as everything is confirmed.

Depending on the cost of airfare, I’ve tentatively scheduled a speaking engagement at the John M Jordan Camp # 581, South Boston, VA. I’m also looking into a 4-day book signing at the Ft. Bragg, Main Exchange. As soon as I have that firmed up I’ll post that also.

I’ve made it to chapter 15 of Comes The Retribution. At one point I thought CTR was going to be a short novel. Then I had several characters that walked into the manuscript and demanded I allow them to have their say.

I’ve mentioned that to several friends and they look at me as if I have a screw loose. I’ve found that other writers have the same experience. The hard part is to be flexible enough to let the “intruders” have a chance.

Tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day. In chapter 15 the Federals capture a spy and put him on trial. I have an appointment with a JAG officer to make sure I get the terms right and make the plot realistic.

Thanks again for you interest.


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