I just returned home from a successful,

I just returned home from a successful, four day book signing at the Ft. Irwin Dust Bowl. It’s been almost six weeks since I’ve had a book signing. It sure was great to be back talking with soldiers about the field, and Comes The Southern Revolution. I’ll be back there next week Monday thru Thursday next week.

It was invigorating to talk to young men and women who are serving our country. The enthusiasm they have, for their country and their job is amazing. Everyone should be proud of our youngsters.

This afternoon I met with the event coordinator at Calico Ghost Town. We agreed that I’ll have a book signing there during the Civil War Reenactment next weekend, on 16 and 18 February. I’ll be on the porch outside the Calico Print Shop. That’s across the street from the main stage where President Lincoln, General Grant, and General Lee will give their speeches.

This past week I was contacted by the Adjutant of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, South Boston Camp. He invited me to speak at their 27 May meeting this year. Next week I’ll be finalizing the details for that trip. It’s possible that I’ll be able to work in a trip to Ft. Bragg before or after Memorial Day.

I’m almost finished with chapter thirteen of Comes The Retribution. I’ll start chapter fourteen next week.

Thanks for your interest.


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