It’s been a productive few weeks since m

It’s been a productive few weeks since my last post. I’ve sorted through most of the 371 quotes for the “Questions from the North; Answers from the South.” This weekend I’m starting to compose the first rough draft of the entire manuscript.

I’m in the middle of my California tour. Last Monday-Wednesday I spent at an event in the Ft. Irwin Dust Bowl. It was great talking with the soldiers and meeting readers who’d purchased a book from me over a year ago.

Tomorrow I leave for the Placerville research portion of my trip. Then I’ll head for Travis AFB for a three day book signing.

Next Sunday I’ll be meeting a Placerville historian and she will give me a tour of the area where I want to place “What Happened At Morningstar Pass?” (the prequel to my first two novels). She’s going to give me all the details of Captain Ingram and his bushwhackers who pulled robbed the Bullion Bend stage in 1864.

Supposedly all 250 bags of silver bullion that Ingram and his men stole were recovered. However, there are rumors that Wells Fargo Stage and the Mine owners were under-reporting the mines production to avoid paying taxes on the entire amount.

It’ll be interesting to see how that storyline plays out.

Keep checking my website, for updates.

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