My book tour was successful even though

My book tour was successful even though two of the three events didn’t occur near a military pay day. The discussions I had with readers who came up and talked about my work (some bought a copy over a year ago) more than made up for less foot traffic than I expected.

After I left the High Desert I spent three days camping near Placerville, CA. Before I came up with the idea of writing “Questions From The North; Answers From The South,” I’d scheduled time to meet with two local historians and have a delightful dinner with friends.

During those three days I found so much information that I’ll have to revise most of the chapters I’ve already written for “What Happened At Morningstar Pass.” I might even have to rename the book. The background details for the prequel will give more depth and back story for the entire story line.

Welcome to new followers of my blog. It was good to meet you on my trip. I’m home now and back to work on: “Questions From The North; Answers From The South.”

Tonight I finished the preface and started on the first question. All total I have one-hundred-sixty-one pages covering three-hundred-seventy-one quotes. It’s going to take me a while to sort through and verify each quote and eliminate duplicates.

Keep checking with my website for updates and where my next book signing.

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