I hope everyone had a wonderful Christma

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was quite eventful.

I had a major drawback when my laptop died. That issue’s been resolved and we’re back on track.

I finally was able to finish the chapter that I was struggling with. I’ve moved on to other parts of the plot. Don’t have a deadline yet, but we’re making progress.

I do have very good news. The audio version of Comes The Southern Revolution is being finalized. I should have possession of the master in a week or so. After I do a quality check on it, it will be released mid-January. You can get a pre-release copy reserved for $24.00 (including tax and shipping). This price will be in effect until 31 January 2014.

After that date, it’ll be available on Amazon. At that time the regular price will be $30.95 (including tax and shipping).

As to future book signing events, I should be able to come up with a few definite plans in the next two weeks. Keep checking jameselstad.com for updates.

Remember to order your audio copy of “Comes The Southern Revolution” at jameselstad.com.

Thanks for your interest.


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