Wow! What a day this has been. A few wee

Wow! What a day this has been. A few weeks ago I met Bill Comb, the narrator for my audio book, and Don Fish Jr. , publisher of Newsplus Barstow, while I was shopping in Barstow. Don suggested that Bill write an article about me as a local author. Bill added to his suggestion that he would video tape the interview.

Today we taped the interview. The interview is scheduled to be published in the February edition of “Newsplus Barstow.” The video interview will be posted on youtube, his company’s website, and my website

While you’re on my website, I suggest you order an audio copy of “Comes The Southern Revolution.” The “pre-release” special expires on 31 January 2014. The regular price (including tax, shipping, and handling) is $31.95. The special is $24.00 (also including tax, shipping, and handling).

As for an update on the progress I’m making on the sequel. In spite of family medical issues and Christmas, I’ve added almost 8,000 words to the original manuscript. I have a few more threads from the Comes The Southern Revolution story line that I need to flesh out and I’ll be ready to send it to my editor.

I don’t have a date for that yet. But rest assured I’m making progress.

Finally, please tell your friends to go to and order the ‘pre-release’ special for “Comes The Southern Revolution.”

Thanks for your interest.


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