It’s been a while since I posted. Family

It’s been a while since I posted. Family medical issues have kept me quite busy. Because of that, I’ve had to cancel several days of book signings. Also, due to the medical issues I’ve decided not to make any overnight trips for book signings.
I was back at the Dust Bowl Shoppette last Thursday, and plan to be there on 11 – 13 November when the troops come out of the box. I’ll also be participating in a HDCWC Book Fair at the Ft. Irwin, Main Exchange on 29 & 30 November (Black Friday and the Saturday after). At this time we have five authors with up to nine titles to display.

The Audio book is still on hold. I have made some progress on the sequel. I’m preparing the manuscript for my editor. I’m working on two different projects. First, I’m reviewing each sentence and paragraph to see if it explains what’s happening in the tale. Then I’m reading each page out loud. After I finish both tasks, I’ll send it to the editor.

That being said, my estimate of a December release was too optimistic. I won’t be able to give a new estimate until after I receive his “critique/suggestions.” Then I’ll need time to make all the recommended changes. After I send it to my editor for a second review, I’ll prepare the manuscript before I upload it to my publisher’s website. The last step is to preview a proof copy. “For Comes The Southern Revolution,” it took three proof copies before it was ready to be released.

All-in-all, the process seems to be going smoother for “Comes The Retribution” than it did for the original tale.

Thanks for your interest, I’ll keep you posted.


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