Monday morning I got a call from Ft. Irw

Monday morning I got a call from Ft. Irwin AAFES. They advised me that the soldiers would be in the field during book signing event I had scheduled for this coming Thursday through Saturday. We decided to conduct my event Tuesday through Thursday.

The next few paragraphs will be of interest to anyone who has problems using their smart phone inside a metal building. This just goes to show you, the “EXPERTS” on the Help Desk don’t always know everything.

Yesterday was a trying event. My card swiper worked well on my old smart phone. When it died I used another phone. I installed and tested the swiper on the new phone (at home). When I got to the Dust Bowl Shoppette, it didn’t work and I lost 9 sales.

This morning I bought a new “upgraded” smart phone and installed the swiper before I left the store. When I reached the Dust Bowl it still didn’t work. I wound up calling my bank and cell provider (it took over 90 minutes). All I was told was “it’s not our fault.”

I called the salesperson who sold me the phone who informed me that all I had to do was change the settings from “GLOBAL” to “LOCAL.” After I changed the settings I didn’t lose any more sales. Go figure.

I’ve had a very interesting two days in the Dust Bowl. I enjoyed interacting with soldiers of all ranks. Many have been interested in the “War Between The States” and the real reasons for the conflict in the 1860s. Some appear to understand that there were two sides of the conflict. They seemed to feel that slavery wasn’t the most important issue in the “Civil War.” That if both Republicans and Democrats had listened to each other in the 1800s the killing of a lot of innocent people would have been avoided.

The same could be happening again. Can anyone believe that today’s Republicans and Democrats are listening to each other? Are we on the same path? Many have wondered why the USA isn’t mentioned in End Times Prophecy. Could it be that we won’t exist as a nation if we continue on the path we’ve chosen?

Think about it.

Thanks for your interest.

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