What a glorious Independence Day this wa

What a glorious Independence Day this was! Today I went to the Northwest Civil War Council Reenactment at the Willamette Mission State Park. I was a little apprehensive about going and only being able to take “advance sale” orders.
Everyone seemed to understand and I sold more than I expected. After all I didn’t have any advance planning for this event.
Many people were excited about both “Comes The Southern Revolution” and the sequel, “Comes The Retribution.” I sold quite a few and many others told me they were going to order online when their next paycheck comes in. If only a small number of those who told me that follow through I’ll be very happy.
Tomorrow looks like it’ll be an even better day. Another vendor told me that since the holiday fell on a Friday, she thought many people would have family commitments on the 4th and come to the event on Saturday.
I’ll make another posting tomorrow and let you know how everything came out.
In the meantime, if you want to take advantage of the pre-sale pricing of both books, go to jameselstad.com and you can order both. Normally the price for both books (including shipping and handling) would be $37.80. But until the end of July both books can be had for $30.95 (including shipping and handling).
So don’t put off taking advantage of this offer.

Thanks for your support.


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