This has been a very productive few days

This has been a very productive few days. I’m waiting for the Comes The Retribution proof copies so I can send them to fellow authors for them to review. I plan on early July if not sooner.

It’s been fun researching and working on the sequel. After a short break I plan on starting on a “prequel” trilogy based on a town in Colorado. I expect it will take about 2 ½ – 3 years to get the first story out. So far the basic premise is that in 1870s Colorado Yankee and Rebel veterans move west. In addition to the conflict you might expect, there’s a murder. So there will be a lot of action and conflict in that tale.

Keep checking my website, and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming book signings (right now I have one scheduled in Temecula on Saturday 12 July and another scheduled at the Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in Charleston, SC on Thursday through Saturday 17-19 July. If you make it to either of them please mention that you heard about the event on my website or my blog.

Thanks for your support.

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