1 March 2014 Wow what a busy few weeks I

1 March 2014

Wow what a busy few weeks I’ve had. Almost all book activity has stopped due to family medical issues. I’m planning on getting back to blogging more regular and working on the Comes The Retribution manuscript next week (hopefully things will have settled down by then).

During some of my book signings at the Ft. Irwin Dust Bowl I’ve been able to talk about different characters and what their motivation was for taking whatever action they did in Comes The Southern Revolution.

I’ve been thinking that other readers might have similar questions. I’ve decided if anyone wants to ask a question of any of the CSR characters, I could post an interview on my blog.

If you have any such questions, please post a blog on my website, jameselstad.com, or e-mail me at: comesthesouthernrevolution@gmail.com. You can look for the interview a day or so after you pose the question.

This would be an interesting way for some of you to get the back story that didn’t make it into CSR.

Looking forward to sharing information with you soon!

Thanks for your interest.


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