This year’s trip to the 2015 Sons of Con

This year’s trip to the 2015 Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion has been wonderful. I started with a three-day event at Ft. Lee, VA and finished with a second three-day event outside of Richmond, VA. I was able to visit several people who have purchased books in past years and came up to me to discuss the storyline.

At both events I met a lot of people who encouraged me to continue writing. At the Sons of Confederate Reunion I met several readers who’ve purchased books from me in the past three years and were excited about my upcoming book: “Questions from the North; Answers from the South.”

Speaking of the Q & A book, I’m sending it to my editor tomorrow. I’m looking at an October 2015 release date. Please keep checking my website, for updates.

The only two things that might slow up the Q & A release is getting copyright releases or finding a source that isn’t copyrighted and verifying my sources.

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