I’ve made progress on “Questions from th

I’ve made progress on “Questions from the North; Answers from the South.” It’s going to be a shorter book than I first thought. I found so many quotes from six different southerners (over 340 quotes on 161 pages) that I thought it would be at least 300 pages. Upon studying the data I realized a lot of it is redundant and there is no benefit in stating the same point over and over.

That being said, recent events have saddened me greatly. Mostly that the politically correct “leaders” seem to believe the actions of a deranged individual prove that all southerners who support the Confederacy are evil; that the Confederate Battle Flag (which by the way never flew over a slave trading ship and was first used as a racist symbol in the movie “Birth of a Nation”) symbolizes hate.

To use that logic would be to say the cross of Christ is racist and hateful because it was used by the Crusaders centuries ago.

Why can’t we talk and listen rather than speak over our opponent and not listen to what he/she is really saying?

I’ve made progress on the “Q&A” book. I will be including a chapter or two and address some of the issues raised by Charleston, Ferguson, etc. I’m planning on a fall release date (still to be determined). Keep checking my website and blog for updates.

Thanks for your interest and support.


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