This has been an interesting couple of w

This has been an interesting couple of weeks. I had a wonderful time at last weekend’s reenactment (Battle on the Metiolus) near Camp Sherman, OR (about ¾ of the way between Salem and Bend). Met a lot of new people and saw some old friends. I was able to buy a few additions to my period costume (I reenact a late 1860s farmer) that I wear during the reenactment.

Even though the foot traffic for my book signing at “El Super Burrito” in Bend wasn’t as much as I’d hoped, I still had a wonderful time. I plan to be a regular customer there anytime I’m in Bend. The food was good and I really enjoyed myself.

I’m making progress on “Questions from the North; Answers from the South” non-fiction book. I’m on the third chapter and it’s been harder to write than a fiction book. I think the issue is that when I write fiction I can let my imagination go and make the science and facts fit the storyline. In non-fiction I have to ensure that my quotes are accurate and have to make sure that everything is consistent.

At any rate, I’m having fun with it and have decided to cancel this weekend’s event in Spokane so I’ll have more time to work on the “Q&A” manuscript.

Keep checking my website, for updates and I hope to see some of you when I go to Walla Walla, WA in June.

Thanks for your support.

James R. Elstad

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