Well, now that I’ve solved the access pr

Well, now that I’ve solved the access problem with my website I can update you on everything that’s happening.

I will move the 15 -17 March event at Camp Sherman to another date. I’ll post it when that’s finalized. I removed the tentative event at Camp Lejuene Main Exchange. It may be moved to November.

What Happened At Morningstar Pass is on a quasi-hold for now. I’ve finished chapter twelve and the entire manuscript is over 20,000 words. I’ll be researching for future chapters but I have another book that I’ve started that needs to be presented.

The reason for the hold on WHAMP is that in the past six years I’ve had discussions with northerners and southerners and I’ve noticed a lack of dialogue about the history of “War Between The States” and the aftermath of reconstruction. It appears to me that then as now both conservatives and liberals are not willing to listen to their opponent’s point of view. I’m afraid that if we don’t start open communication we’re going to have a conflict that will make the 1860s look like a cake walk.

To that end, I’ve contacted sixteen leaders that I’ve come in contact with in the south, this weekend I’m planning on contacting several southern authors. I’m asking them to respond to several questions that I’ve heard from northerners. When I receive all the replies I’ll edit the responses into a new book titled: “Questions From The North; Answers From The South.”

If you’re interested in participating please e-mail me at comesthesouthernrevolution@gmail.com.

I don’t know how long it will take me to finish this project. I’m hoping less than six months, maybe in time for Christmas 2015.

Thanks for your support.

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