I don’t know where the past two weeks ha

I don’t know where the past two weeks have gone. Even though I haven’t made much progress on the word count (we’re still around 14,000) for What Happened At Morningstar Pass, I’ve been researching the effects of freezing cold on a corpse for chapter 8 and other issues that will arise later in the story.

In the past few weeks I’ve also been researching and filing away plot lines for future novels. I can’t go into detail about those projects now and I want to focus on WHAMP, but the old mind is still fertile and I’m having fun with the exercise of getting a story completed and into print.

Next week I’ll be at a book signing at the main exchange at McChord AFB. In the evening I’m planning on working on chapter 8.

I’m still working on firming up my event schedule for 2015. I’ll have more details after New Years.

Some have been interested on when I expect to publish WHAMP. It’s too soon, but keep checking my website, jameselstad.com for updates.

Thanks for your support.


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