Last weekend was one of the best I’ve ha

Last weekend was one of the best I’ve had in decades. My daughter and I celebrated her birthday at the “Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, OR.

In this hotel every one of the twenty rooms is decorated around the work of a different author. I stayed in the Tolkien room, my daughter stayed in the Shakespeare room.

It was very peaceful. There were no distractions. No TVs, no phones, no internet (unless you bring your own hotspot).

I was able to do a complete review of chapter six and start on chapter seven. Sometimes I think I’m taking two steps forward and one step backwards.

Last night a friend showed me a software program to help keep track of the details in my manuscript. Then another to help check for grammar and consistency.

I’ve started putting chapter one through the gauntlet by the end of today I plan to do at least two more. I’ll resume chapter seven when I finish vetting everything I’ve written so far through those two programs.

In the long run I expect it will save me time, it’s just the learning curve can get steep.

Still planning on the event on 28-29 November at the Ft. Lewis Main Exchange. I look forward to seeing you there.

Keep checking and I’ll keep you posted on any changes and updates.

Thanks for your support.


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