It’s been an interesting week. I had a v

It’s been an interesting week. I had a very successful event at the SCV Northwest Convention and Ball last Saturday night. Sold a lot of books, visited with several members I’ve become acquainted with since I moved to Portland, and it was a very lively party.

As far as the prequel goes, I’m wrapping up the third chapter of What Happened At Morningstar Pass. Thanks to the contacts and interviews I had in the past week or so, I’ve had to revise some of the first few pages. I’m also working on a cover for W.H.A.M.P.

The most exciting research find was that I found evidence of Joseph C. Fendemere III’s background.For those of you who’ve read my first two novels you know that in the first book he’s a major player in getting General Lee’s plan off the ground. In the second novel he became a bigger player than I ever dreamed he would be. I’ll be incorporating his family’s history into chapter five or six of the prequel. We’ll see how that works out.

I have a few tentative dates for events I plan to schedule in 2015. I’m waiting for another reenactment group to send me their schedule and I’ll publish my events. I’m looking forward to having both Oregon and Washington events in 2015.

As far as the rest of this year, I might have an event at Ft. Lewis. I plan on contacting them this week and see when if they have any openings.

That’s all for now, keep checking for updates.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.


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