Today was an exciting day in Charleston,

Today was an exciting day in Charleston, SC. The city is as beautiful as everyone says it is.

This was the first full day of the 2014, Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion. I was able to get reacquainted with many friends from the past two Reunions I’ve attended. In addition I met several Southerners who encouraged me in my writing.

Sales today were okay. That’s normal, since most people don’t want to buy anything and have to carry it around. They’ll buy the last day they attend the event. I can see where that’s true, since I’m doing the same thing with research books I want to buy for my next book. So tomorrow and Saturday should be interesting.

Most of the people who bought today took advantage of the July special of both “Comes The Southern Revolution” and “Comes The Retribution” for $25.00. If you can’t make it to the SCV Reunion, you can take advantage of the July special by going to my website,, and ordering your signed copy today. If you want a special inscription send an e-mail to me at I’ll be sure to get your copy out as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support.


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