Good evening everyone: It’s been a busy

Good evening everyone:

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last blog. For an update on my book signing schedule go to my website at

The biggest project I’ve had is to add two chapters to the current CTR manuscript. The first was easy enough. It built on plot lines in CSR. The second has been a challenge. So far it’s twice the size of the first chapter I added (and it’s not finished yet). I keep going over it every night and find the need to continue developing the storyline.

I’m having fun putting twists in the plot. The story has to be exciting, yet believable. I’ll keep working on it until it meets both criteria.

This coming Saturday (14 Dec) I’ll be at the Ft. Irwin Main Exchange from 1000 – 1700).

I made progress on the audio book. I’ve finalized arrangements to get the jewel case cover printed and duplicate the master file. If everything goes well, I’m hoping to have it ready for AFB in a week-and-a-half.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward your checking out my website @


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