Just finished an event at the Ft. Irwin,

Just finished an event at the Ft. Irwin, Main Exchange. I sold a fair number of books, but as usual the most exciting thing was talking with soldiers.

One in particular comes to mind, he’s in his early-twenties and due to injuries he received in Afghanistan, he’s getting a medical retirement. As we talked I sensed the stress he must be feeling as he has to relocate with his pregnant wife (she’s due in February) and too me, looked like she was about to pop.

One of the things we talked about was his love of writing. When the two of them left, he promised me he would start writing, find a writer’s club, and to call me if he needed to talk about his work. It’s days like that that really make me feel good.

Tonight I’ve updated my schedule with a 14 Dec event at the Ft. Irwin, Main Exchange, and a 20-21 event at the Edwards AFB, Main Exchange. Go to jameselstad.com for details.

Sometime in the next week I hope to firm up my January schedule at the Ft. Irwin, Dust Bowl.

The audio book is taking a little longer than I planned. It’s a matter of scheduling between the actor who’s reading the book for me. The main hang-up is getting the jewel cover and the master duplicated. But, I’m thinking it’ll be late December, early January when I’ll be releasing it.

I had a major setback with the “Comes The Retribution” manuscript. After discussing the current draft with my editor, I decided that it’s too short (not only in the number of words, but I feel that I haven’t tied off several threads that I left in “Comes The Southern Revolution.” Last weekend I reviewed CSR and found several plot lines that I need to weave into the CTR manuscript).

I don’t have a timetable yet. I’m having fun with it. With some of the plot twists I have planned I think it’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks for your interest.

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