It’s been over a month since my last pos

It’s been over a month since my last post. A lot has happened since then. The Sons Of Confederate Veterans Reunion in Vicksburg was an exciting event. It was good to see some of the same faces from last year.

While attendance wasn’t as high as last year’s event, the enthusiasm of this year’s attendees was as strong as last year.

I was able to talk to some editors, and another vendor took several copies of Comes The Southern Revolution on consignment. It looks as if interest in my work is growing.

Last night I finished the first draft of Comes The Retribution. It’ll take me a while to get it ready for the editor. Everyone who’s seen the first draft has been pleased with it. Keep checking with my website: for updates.

My next event is on Saturday 14 September 2013. I’ll be speaking at the monthly meeting of the Sacramento Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans (General George Blake Cosby Camp # 1627). The title of my speech is: “Getting The Truth Out.” The premise of both CSR and CTR has been that there are two sides of every story. One thing my research has shown me is that whichever side you take in the original conflict, there are several facts that I was taught in public school was slanted to the “Victor’s” point of view. Consider: All slaves were uneducated and unskilled. All slaves picked cotton. All slaves were mistreated. It was the Southern Aristocracy that wanted the war. There are others,

It’s unfortunate that citizens in the 1860s and now couldn’t/can’t accept/allow their opponent to have a different point of view. It’s even more unfortunate, that unless we learn from our history, that we will have another conflict. Some have accused me of fomenting a future conflict. Quite the contrary. It’s my hope that if we can see both sides of the issues that caused the original conflict, we might be able to apply those lessons and avoid the carnage that would come if there were to be a resumption of the conflict.

If you’re interested in having a discussion, please post a blog on my site. Or attend the camp meeting on 14 September. Go to my blogsite for the address.

That’s all for now,


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