Just talked with the actor who’s recordi

Just talked with the actor who’s recording the audio version of CSR. This week I’m picking up the disc to do a QC on before we release it. Right now, it looks like we’ll be exclusively listing it on Amazon. Hopefully we’ll get it out before I go to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in mid-July.

Speaking of the SCV Reunion, I expect to arrive in Vicksburg, MS on the evening of 17 July. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the same people I met last year in Murfreesboro. Especially the people who encouraged me to come up with the sequel.

The sequel, “Comes The Retribution” will probably be released in December. If the timings right, it might be released by Christmas. Keep checking my website for updates.

After the SCV Reunion I’m traveling to Oklahoma and Kansas to research for one of the sequel chapters. In this chapter we witness a tank battle for Wichita, KS. I’ll be driving between Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Ft. Riley. Without giving up much of the storyline, imagine being a clerk at a gas station and an Abrams tank pulls up and wants a fill up. If you want more details, you’ll have to buy the book.

The purpose of the research portion of the trip is to make sure I get my facts straight. I did this with CSR. After I’d picked Rock Hill, SC for General Jefferson Lee’s military headquarters, I decided to visit Rock Hill in person. I was so glad I did. The original ending I had for CSR didn’t fit the terrain. After I returned home, I reworked the ending and added a chapter that winds up being an important part of the sequel.

Most of my books have been sold at Ft. Irwin’s Dust Bowl Shoppette. The sequestration issue has cancelled most of my plans for Ft. Irwin events. I probably won’t be planning events as far out as I once was. I’ll keep you posted.

That’s all for now, thanks for your interest.


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