I hope the new year’s treating you well.

I hope the new year’s treating you well. Depending on the cost of plane tickets, I’m still hoping to make a trip to North Carolina and Virginia sometime this spring. I’ve received an invitation from a Sons Of Confederate Veterans Camp. If everything works out, I’ll be speaking at one of their meetings.

I’ve had other invitations to speak, so far I haven’t been able to fit those speaking engagements into my schedule. I’m also planning on a couple of research trips. If anyone, not only SCV would like to have me speak, let me know and if your city is close to where I’ll be, I’ll consider the opportunity.

Due to personal medical appointments and the high cost of air fare I wound up not having any events in January. Starting in February I’m scheduling one-two per month. I’ll have up to eight days of book signings for the next few months. Most of the events will be at Ft. Irwin, if I can work it in, I might go to Nellis AFB, Ft. Bragg, and Ft. Riley. Keep checking my website for details.

Finished chapter 12 today. The story’s coming along well. I’m still working on the audio version and hope to have some news soon. In the next month I plan to have a sample cover for Comes The Retribution. I’ll post it on my blogsite as soon as we approve the illustration.

Thanks for your interest.


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