Last week I finished chapter 11 of Comes

Last week I finished chapter 11 of Comes The Retribution, and started 12 last night. The storyline’s progressing better than I thought. I’m still looking at a September 2013 release.

As far as my book signing schedule goes, due to the cost of travel, I’ll be going to the Ft. Irwin Dust Bowl Shoppette for most of the near future. Check my website for the new dates. Right now my schedule is pretty much set until the middle of April.

Today I attended the monthly meeting of the High Desert Branch, California Writer’s Club. Afterwards several of us went to lunch and talked about our on-going projects. In addition to working on my sequel, I’ve been working on producing Comes The Revolution as an audio book.

I have two choices. I found a man who will produce and read CSR for me. The other option, is that a friend of mine has his own recording studio and wants me to produce the CD with me reading the novel. That’s an interesting opportunity. On one hand I would have a professional reader who would be able to provide accents and different voices for each of the characters. If I were to record my voice, I would be able to give each character’s feelings into the CD, who else would know each character’s inner feelings than me?

I’ve met people who tell me they like to hear the author’s voice on an audio book. Others tell me they prefer a professional’s. I’d appreciate it if some of the visitors to my blog site would give me feedback on what they prefer.

If the CSR audio project’s successful, I might release Comes The Retribution as an audio book at the same time the paperback is published.



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