I hope everyone’s had a Merry Christmas,

I hope everyone’s had a Merry Christmas, and that your New Year will be a joyous one.
Due to the high cost of a plane ticket, I’ve had to postpone my event at the Ft. Bragg Main Exchange. I’m working with the Ft. Irwin Exchange to schedule events at the Dust Bowl. I’ll keep you posted as to when that schedule firms up. Most likely, I’ll be scheduling Dust Bowl events until the end of March/middle of April 2013. I’m hopeful we can schedule it for mid-to-late Spring.
One good thing about the Dust Bowl events is the Army brings in 3,500 soldiers to check out my book. Maybe that’s why I sell more books there than anyplace else.
This year’s been a good one for CSR. From what other writers have told me, my sales have been pretty good for a self-published, first time author. One thing that’s been very exciting is discussing the plot of CSR with readers who’ve visited my table at a later event.
As to Comes The Retribution, I’m finishing chapter ten tonight. I’ll start eleven this weekend, it was going to be tonight, but I thought of an angle that needs to be included at the end of the chapter. After all, who wouldn’t like a seven-year-old boy hugging his puppy?
I’m still looking at a September 2013 release. I’m looking for a new illustrator. My last illustrator hasn’t responded to my e-mails about designing the cover for CSR. Last night I met someone who might work out.
Bonnie and I’ve decided that sometime this Spring I’ll taking two trips to research new angles to CTR by visiting the Shoshone Indian Reservation in Nevada and Ft. Riley, KS. I may do that in conjunction with a book signing event.

That’s all for tonight. I’ll post again real soon.


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