Last week I had an event at Los Angeles

Last week I had an event at Los Angeles Air Force Base. Many passersby who stopped to tell me how they felt about a book that had Robert E. Lee on the cover. One man even told me the storyline was equivalent to bringing back the Nazis.

I shared his comments with a couple members of the writer’s club I belong too. They told me that if my book had been racist they would’ve told me during the two years I brought the draft to our critique sessions.

I think they’re right. I’m not “taking sides” between the North and South, but it’s obvious to me that on many issues both sides are partially right and partially wrong. And one thing to consider is the fact that the North won the original conflict and wrote the history to suit their point of view.

Many of the people I saw last week have definitely “bought” the entire Northern version of the “American Civil War.

I post this on a couple of blog sites, including Facebook. I’m trying to build up my blog site, so I’d appreciate it if you have comments, if you’d post your thoughts on in addition to your normal sites.

I’ve finished chapter nine. I’m starting on chapter ten this weekend.

I’ll be at the Barstow Eagles Lodge tomorrow night for a fund-raiser/book signing.
Next week I’ll be at Edwards Air Force Base from Monday thru Friday.

Thanks for your interest,


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