Today was the first day of my Los Angele

Today was the first day of my Los Angeles Air Force Base, I’m scheduled to be here until Friday, 7 December. However, if today’s any indication, I may cut it short by at least a day.

According to another vendor, my book is too conservative for Los Angeles. He thinks some of the passersby consider my book racist (based on the cover and title). I think that’s odd, because liberal friends who’ve read my work haven’t thought of it as racist. As a matter of fact, one friend who originally told me the book was racist, changed his tune once he looked inside the cover.

The vendor might have a point. I’ve noticed that even though traffic was lighter than at other bases, a fewer percentage of people stopped to talk about my book, and a smaller percentage of people purchased a copy.

This seems odd, since Robert E. Lee freed his slaves 4 years before the start of hostilities in 1861. And there are prominent characters of different races in “Comes The Southern Revolution.” Does anyone have any comments on that aspect of CSR?

One man did get excited about the storyline. However, he only listens to audio books. When I told him I was working on an audio version, he asked if I could have it available so he could download it onto his computer?

That’s an interesting angle. I’ll be looking into it.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes; I’ll post again tomorrow night and let you know.
As far as the sequel goes, I’ve finished chapter 8 and I’ve started chapter 9, and I’m mulling over how chapter 10 is going to play out. If everything goes as planned, sometime this Summer, I’m still planning on publishing “Comes The Retribution.”
I’m still planning on the Ft. Bragg, Ft. Riley, and Nellis AFB events. I don’t want to publish the dates until I have them confirmed.

Thanks for your support.


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