I’m getting ready for the next two weeks

I’m getting ready for the next two weeks, I have nine days of book signings in eleven days. I’ll be at Edwards Air Force Base and the Ft. Irwin, Dust Bowl. See my website, jameselstad.com, for the exact dates.
I’m looking forward to seeing some readers who’ve told me they’ll come by when I come back to their Exchange.
For those of you who have Kindle, I was finally able to find the report on Amazon.com that showed me that I have, in fact, had some Kindle sales. So the system does work.
Looking ahead to December, I’ll be at Los Angeles AFB from 3-7 December and back at Edwards AFB from 17-22 December.
For those who’re interested, I’ve found two books that have been very helpful in researching the southern side of the Civil War. The first is: “Everything You Were Taught About The Civil War Is Wrong” by Lochlainn Seabrook. It’s published by Sea Raven Press and is available at SeaRavenPress.com. The second book is: “The Un-Civil War in Middle Tennessee” by Shirley Ferris Jones. It’s published by The Rutherford County Historical Society.
I’ve met both authors and discussed both Comes The Southern Revolution and Comes The Retribution with them. Both books are well documented and present the southern point of view quite eloquently.
A week or so ago, I met a Norwegian who was visiting his brother in Southern California. He asked me if I was related to Anne Karin Elstad. I don’t think so, but when I googled her name, I found that she was a Norwegian writer who passed away this year. I’ll have to check with some of my family and see if there’s any possibility we’re even distant relatives. I have my doubts, since my paternal grandfather chose the name Elstad when he came of age before he immigrated to the USA.
Please check my website at jameselstad.com


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