It’s taking longer to research this chap

It’s taking longer to research this chapter than I thought. I’m going to spend a little more time with it to make sure that I have the necessary information that fits in the new storyline.

Book signings have been going well. Today I added an event at Los Angeles Air Force Base (in El Segundo, CA) from 3-7 December. I’m working on two events in January. I’ll post more details as I firm up the arrangements.

Last week while I was at the Edwards event, I met a woman who wants to review my book for her blog site. I’ll post her review when it’s done.

I’ve had two people talking to me about producing an audio version of CSR. That’s timely, since I’ve had no less than three potential readers if I had it on audio.
At this point I’m very interested in the idea. It would be another avenue to get my work out. However, it would be something I’d have to squeeze the required production time into my book signings and my personal life.

The third project I have on tap is a short anthology of short stories that I’ve written over the years. At this point I have 30 pages of a manuscript. I plan on finalizing it when I have around 80 pages ready. It would be nice to have another item available on my table.

Please check out one or more of the stories I’ve posted on my website and tell me what you think. It may be ambitious, but if it works out I’d like to self-publish the anthology sometime this spring.

Last week I spent two days at Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos. I met several soldiers whom I served with in the California Army National Guard for over 15 years. It was amazing how several of them were still the same, yet they’ve grown into different people from their recent deployments and life experience.

More to come,


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