I’m putting the finishing touches on the

I’m putting the finishing touches on the “new” first chapter of “Comes The Retribution.” I plan on starting chapter six this weekend.

I spent two days this week at the Ft. Irwin main exchange. Taking into consideration that it wasn’t a pay week and that most of the soldiers were in the box (training area), met a lot of interesting people. It was a pretty good event.

One reader told me that he’d been channel surfing the other day. He was looking for a news show and saw a clip about my novel. He didn’t remember which network it was, or the day that he was watching TV. I tried doing a Google search for “Comes The Southern Revolution.” After not finding any results, I tried several individual networks. No luck there either. Anyone who has seen the clip in question or if you find it please e-mail me at: comesthesouthernrevolution@gmail.com.

Tonight I’m attending a Gala at the Newton T. Bass Library in Apple Valley. It’s an invitation only event, but I hope you’ve been invited and I’ll see you there.
This week end the High Desert Chapter, California Writer’s Club is having a “Meet The Author’s” event at our regular meeting (10 am – 12 pm, Saturday 13 October). Later that afternoon we’re having a signing in the library itself.

I have two book signings scheduled for this coming week. I’ll be at the Edwards AFB main exchange 15-18 Oct and the AFRC Los Alamitos main exchange 19-20 Oct. See the scheduled events page on my website for times.

Since a lot of “Comes The Southern Revolution” occurs at AFRC Los Alamitos, the event on 19-20 Oct is particularly meaningful to me.

I look forward to seeing some of you there. I’ve already contacted soldiers I served with years ago and am looking forward to spending time with them again.

Thanks for your interest.


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