This was an interesting book signing I j

This was an interesting book signing I just participated in. The American Association of University Women had their annual craft fair/art show this weekend. I had some interesting conversations with some very intelligent people. Problem is there weren’t enough attendees to make it a big success.

I sold about half of what I expected, but I did notice a spike in the number of hits on my website. It’ll take a while, but I’m hoping it will turn into some solid sales.
I spoke to one of their members at length; their biggest goal is to provide scholarships to local women who want to go back to college. The other goal is to send junior high school girls to math and science camps.

So even though I didn’t sell a lot of books, what I did sell went to a very worthy cause.

As far as Comes The Retribution goes, I’m finishing up the fifth chapter. Like I said the other day, it looks like this chapter will become the first chapter when all is said and done.

I’m also starting to work on ideas for the CSR book cover. As soon as my illustrator gets it to me I’ll post it on my website for all to see.

In closing, I’d appreciate it if anyone who feels led, would go on and post a review of Comes The Southern Revolution (if you’re so inclined a five star rating would be nice).

Thanks for your interest and support.


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