Finished chapter four the other day, and

Finished chapter four the other day, and started on chapter five. I was going to use the first chapter in the sequel to tie up some loose ends from Comes The Southern Revolution. That’s all well and good, but I think any good sequel needs to start with a bang. Taking that into consideration I’ve decided to start the new book with a lot of action.
In thinking about the beginning of Comes The Retribution, I realized that I hadn’t addressed a major event in the original conflict.
If I have to answer why I didn’t include that in the original story, it’s just that I didn’t think of it. I mentioned it to a friend of mine and he told me that I had so much crammed into CSR he doesn’t know how I could’ve fit it in.
If I have the Rebel leaders from CSR answer the question, their response is: “We had to solidify our borders and evaluate Federal strength before we took on a project of that magnitude.
In other news, I had a second meeting with a screen writer today. He’s interested in creating a screenplay with the CSR storyline. Bonnie and I haven’t decided the direction we’re going to go yet. But it’s very exciting just thinking of the possibilities.
One other project that’s in the works, as if I’m not doing enough, is I’ve been approached about producing CSR as an audio book. Bonnie and I are considering it. If there’s enough interest in it we just might put one out. If you have any comments about CSR as an audio book, please contact me at

Both the audio book and screenplay are interesting ideas. Don’t know if I want to tackle both at the same time. Any suggestions?

October’s going to be a busy month. I just counted it up and I have six events scheduled (a total of fourteen days). I’ll be at: the Del Web Sun City Solera, in Apple Valley, CA; the Main Exchange at Edwards AFB, CA; the Main Exchange at AFRC Los Alamitos, CA; and the Dust Bowl Shoppette, Ft. Irwin, CA (2 events). Check my website for specific dates and times.

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