Today was an okay day. Sales were a lot

Today was an okay day. Sales were a lot slower, had more “Lookie Lous than I thought. But, the consensus from the other vendors is that tomorrow will be the day that attendees will buy, if they buy. We;ll see.

The highlights for today, were three Camps, as the local SCV Chapters are called, asked if I would come and speak to them. We traded contact info, and as they get a specific date or I decide to have a book tour in their town, we’ll firm up the event. By the way, the three Camps are in Tallahassee, FL, Charleston, SC, and a town in the middle of SC.

I also figured out that at the rate I’m going I’ve passed out over 350 handouts with my website and contact information. Hopefully that’ll pay off in the long run.
So it wasn’t a wasted day.

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