Well, tomorrow is the first day of the S

Well, tomorrow is the first day of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion. It’s going to be a big event. Went to the Murfreesboro Camp 33 meeting tonight. Didn’t have a chance to sell any books. They were busy making sure every one knows their job for the reunion.

It was interesting to watch them. They’re serious about their purpose, which I’ve been told many times is to ensure the true history of why the south fought in the original conflict and to ensure that their ancestors graves are properly taken care of.

I’m excited about the next 4 days. But then I was excited about the Camp Lejeune signing also. From what they tell me this will be the biggest turnout they’ve had for a reunion in years. They normally get 300-400 members attending the annual reunion. So far they have almost 500 who’ve preregistered. They expect maybe 200 members to register tomorrow.

Vender setup is at 7 – 8 am. They’ve scheduled the opening of the vendor hall for noon. However, the man in charge of the vendor hall told me they may open it up early. They’ve had so many people trying to get in today (both vendors and attendees).

This time I’m not going to set estimates on what I expect to sell. I’m just going to bring in 200 copies and have the rest in the car in case I get very lucky.

Well, more tomorrow.


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