The past few days have been fantastic! I

The past few days have been fantastic! I’ve met many wonderful people. Today was no exception, “Hastings Bookstore” agreed to stock my book, when it arrives on their shelf I’ll blog it.

One thing I’ve learned, is that I don’t go out of my hotel room without my “selling kit”. My selling kit includes: business cards, handouts, at least one copy of CSR, and a flyer that says: “AVAILABLE NOW”. The “AVAILABLE NOW” flyer has made an impression on the bookstore rep when I pulled that out.
From Hastings, I went to another bookstore, turns out it’s a big chain. Normally I’ve stayed away from big chains. But this manager was excited about my work and I decided to fill out the necessary paperwork to get CSR in their inventory for all 165 stores. Now that’s a dream for sure, but if you don’t plant the seed, you’ll never reap the harvest.

I went to the restaurant next door to eat dinner and complete the forms. A woman walked by, saw a copy of CSR and bought it.

Next I turned in my request to the bookstore manager. While I was waiting for him to take care of a customer I noticed a banner stand that was on sale. Before I left on this trip I found a stand for $200.00. There’s no way I was going to pay that! This banner stand was normally $90.00; and was on sale for 90% off. The total price was $9.43 (including tax).

Tomorrow’s going to be a good day. I’ve been invited to the Murfreesboro Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting at 7 pm.

That should be interesting.

That’s all for today,

Thanks for the interest and support.


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