Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog – Comes the Southern Revolution.  Please stay tuned for upcoming posts.

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  1. Welcome to my blog site.

    I plan on posting three-four times per week. So check in for updates on the progress I’m making.

    Right now I’m working with my editor and making sure everything’s flowing right.


  2. Rita Poehlman says:

    Can’t wait to hear/see more!

  3. Tim Ratcliffe, MSG (ret) says:

    The Emancipation Proclamation has gotten more credit for freeing the slaves than it deserves. It did not make slavery illegal. A couple of months before issuing the Proclamation on 1 Jan 1863, in an effort the bring the rebelling states back into the fold, Lincoln used the threat of the Proclamation. The threat didn’t work.
    The Procamation only “freed” the slaves in the ten states then in rebellion and did not include the Northern states, nor those territories the Northern Army had already taken – with a few exceptions.
    It wasn’t until three years later (eight monts after Lincoln’s death) that the 13th Amendment was ratified to abolished slavery. In my opinion, the 13th Amendment got its legs from the martydom of Lincoln. Oh, it would have passed eventually, but who knows when?
    Good luck with your book.

    • Tim: Thanks for your comments. I’m almost ready to send the manuscript to my editor for another review. After that we have a final review that will incorporate all the suggestions he makes. Looks like we’re on-track to publish in June/July of this year.


      • Tim Ratcliffe, MSG (ret) says:

        I’m looking forward to reading it.

      • This weekend I’m sending the last 2/3 of the manuscript to my editor. When he finishes, then I’ll send him the entire book for a final review. Then it’s off to the publisher.


  4. chris elstad says:

    I’m sure this will be an interesting read.

  5. Charlie Reynolds says:

    Jim, Nice Website, I am looking forward to reading your book. Charlie Chaplain

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